We are proud of our brands!

Show football passion!

Chipsy brand, born in 1995, is the star of the Marbo portfolio. It all started with the Chipsy Classic version and the Ribbed, Pizza, Chili, Hot and Tzatziki versions followed. Starting from 1997, Chipsy salty sticks have also been a member of the Chipsy family and, since 2014, the consumers have enjoyed the homemade thicker Chipsy and Chipsy Maxx products.

We gladly recall the 2011 campaign „What is your Chipsy taste”, or the home duel within the „Grandpa’s kind or Grandma’s honey” campaign, as well as the „Every day tastes better with a smile“ which is sure to make all people across the Western Balkans smile. Our consumers enjoy Chipsy episodes and Lionel Messi and Sergej Trifunović as leading actors, making their entertainment even more exciting and funny. And don’t forget to smile!

Maximum fun with new shapes and tastes!

Clipsy gives a wide range of fun for every family member, arriving with the Clipsy brand, launched in 2002. Through various forms and types of flippies, mixtures and popcorn, Clipsy sends a message „Munch and have fun“ bringing a number of surprises to its loyal consumers. So far, Clipsy fans have been entertained by the Minions, Ice Age characters and emoji stickers. We are eagerly waiting for new surprises and don’t forget to share a bag of Clipsy with your sister, friend, mother or grandfather, because things get more funny when there are more of you!

Try some!

Gentleness comes with Pardon, brand launched in 2003. Addressing ladies, primarily, Pardon is a quality snack with a range of products including salty and filled sticks, salty pretzels, salty fishes and salty fishes with sesame, as well as potato cracker in two versions – salty and with cheese. „ Pardon. Help yourself“ is already a well-known slogan, and its new version is a perfect reminder that „The time is always right for Pardon“.

Snack and cheer!

As far back as 2006, Gud launched many good gatherings. Fried Gud peanuts, as well as the roasted and marinated versions, pistachio, blanched almond, Indian walnut and a mixture in practical packaging, represent a part of a perfect snack for every occasion. With its GUD brand, Marbo Product has been a part of the pool of sponsors of the Basketball Association of Serbia since 2015. „Munch and cheer“ is the slogan of the GUD brand and Serbian fans that support the national team with their wholehearted cheering!
We congratulate the Serbian national team on the medal won! You are our GUD guys!

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